The night is too cold for a walk but she didn't care. She knows she needs this moment of solitude before it's taken away. She heaves and sighs as the wind pushes its way towards her. Hitting her body with unwelcoming greetings. It makes her lips quiver so much that she might as well... Continue Reading →


The Sound of Rain at Night

  The sound of rain at night still my distress thoughts as I lay down with open arms. Almost inviting a faceless companion who detests chilly nights. My warmth and embrace are his to keep but I guess his stubbornness precedes his shivering body. I could see his lips quiver relentlessly and bathe in sweats.... Continue Reading →

Drabble #3

As I lay down on the hard mattress, metals poking at my spine and eyes slowly closing. The robin happily sings a lullaby. It pleases my ears and calms my beating heart. I cannot help but to smile even if the sun is glaring at my face. He seems angry at the world today. I... Continue Reading →

I hate this and I hate myself

I have so much anger right now that I can't properly breathe. This anger that is overwhelming me is scaring me because I feel like I need to just hit something or smash all the things around me. If I could break any glasses or mirrors until my hands bleed I would. This feeling I... Continue Reading →

another you.

i want to find another you, that is funny in his own way. i want to find another you, that is comfortable with me. i want to find another you, that is not taken. because i think i like you enough to stay away.

i think so to.

i think boys are amused with me. i think they find me interesting and weird. i think they think i'm animated and funny in a way. i think they find my clumsiness is such a joy for a boring day. i think they like teasing me because of my reactions. and i think that's why... Continue Reading →

i admit i am weak

i admit i am weak, when your roughness is gentle, i admit i am weak, when your teases are cute, i admit i am weak, when your attention is on me, i admit i am weak, when your face is all i see, so i beg of you, if it isn't so, leave me be.

All of me

Will there be a person who wants all of me? Able to accept my insecurities and complexes? Able to accept my flaws and scars on my mind and body? I don't have the rights on the wrongs. I don't have the straights and curves. I don't have the common for the weird. I am just... Continue Reading →

If I had you

If I had you, I'd run to you, I'd open my arms for you to fall, I'd embrace you from cold shoulders, I'd listen to your erratic heartbeat, I'd wipe your tears, I'd caress your rosy cheeks, I'd whisper 'I love yous', And I'd kiss away your sorrow, If I had you, I'll show you... Continue Reading →

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